The Bird Nest

A drizzly morning in Beijing!

Here's a couple of shots of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. Our tour bus stopped next to a pedestrian overpass for half an hour or so on the way to the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall. This was the beginning of a long, long day. On the bus at 8:30 a.m., short stop here, long bus trip to the Ming Tombs, more bus riding to the Great Wall . . . then back into the outskirts of Beijing for a foot massage, dinner and an acrobatics show. I think we got back to our hotel around 10:00 p.m.

Most of my shots that morning were kind of dark and hazy with lots of chromatic and luminance noise- nearly impossible to clean up. Don't look too closely! In the time since I originally tried to rescue process these photos, I've acquired some better skills, better Photoshop and ACR, and just about the full array of Topaz plugins as well. It all helps. Oh- the sky in the second one is a replacement. It took some interesting work to get everything to match in color and contrast.

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