Morning Sun In Prague

Revisiting a photo with better newer tools.

I recently installed Dr. Russell Brown's Adobe Paper Texture extension in Photoshop (found here: and came away with this treatment that I kind of like. I'll have to go through my archives and see what else I have that might lend itself to a textured treatment. It's something that I like when it's done well.

Some people seem to be able to visualize a textured photo at the time of capture, but I've only had one or two other pictures that I thought really worked well for me. This one: and this one:

There is a different version of this photo ( in my Ski Holiday 2008 album that I did up with a more cinematic crop and a duotone treatment. The original RAW file has a limited tonality because of the color of the ambient light, atmospheric haze and surface reflections, so the scene lends itself very well to mono- and duo-chromatic toning.

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