Aged, Roasted And Carved

Daffy, Donald nor Yacky Doodle was ever this tasty!

I stopped by to do a quick voice-over and was invited to have dinner at Commis in Oakland with the production company owner and his production manager and her husband. We were the same quartet that visited China together in 2009, spent a week in Austria in 2008 . . . and we all used to work together at the same TV station. The whole episode was reminiscent of when I used to arrive for work just as the crew would be leaving for lunch. I have a knack for good timing that way.

The way it worked was, when seated we were asked if there were any food allergies or serious dislikes. Having none, we were informed that each course would be brought to us, and the printed menu of what we had eaten would be presented at the end of the meal. In other words, we were booked for a culinary adventure.

This was the menu:
Pacific beach scallops with apple and parsley, sour cream and patty leaf herb;
Goat's milk and honey, candy cap mushrooms with sunchokes and yarrow;
Poached farm egg yolk with smoked dates, alliums with malt vinegar;
Young abalone in a bouillon of its liver with meyer lemon, sprouting lgumes;
Potato with fermented black garlic and escarole leaves with brown butter;
Duck roasted over charcoal on the bone, cabbage leaves and sugar pumpkin;
Rosemary soda with a concord grape sorbet;
Pistachio cake with poached pear, frozen chicory tea with crème fraiche.
I also ordered coffee to go with the dessert.

This isn't a particularly good food shot, but the dinner was outstanding, and all the more because I didn't pay for it!

The duck was delicious, by the way.

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