Eat Your Heart Out, Las Vegas!

Our friends in China really love to light up their buildings.

We made our way across Shanghai after our last dinner before flying back to Beijing and then home the next morning. I had been impressed throughout our trip with the sheer amount of neon, LED and other lighting on both public and private buildings at night. Large Chinese cities are a colorful sight to behold after dark.

I snapped this shot through the window of our moving bus. I thought that what appeared to be an office building with pulsating, moving color LED lighting warranted the risk of a little camera shake. The RAW file was grainy, and full of chroma noise, so I've cleaned it up as well as I can. The sky was a color similar to what is shown here, but I had to fake it. I'm no purist.

It would be an interesting project if one had the time and resources to do a photographic night study of Shanghai or any large city in China.

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