Yuyuan Garden

I would love a less pressured visit.

Our last day in Shanghai in April 2009, we took a ride on the Shanghai Maglev Train that goes to one of the airports, reaching a speed of 430 kph (267 mph), the fastest I've ever traveled on the ground. Afterward we were taken into a shopping district where the Yuyuan Gardens (also known simply as Yu Gardens) are located. It was a fairly busy place, but I managed this shot without any people in it.

I've also been playing around again with Russell Brown's Photoshop extension, Adobe Paper Textures. Since you aren't given a choice of time-of-day for taking tourist photos, some interesting and beautiful locations become washed out and boring. In cases such as this, you do what you can with vignetting and textures to try to highlight the beauty of the place.

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