Day To Night Conversion

Finding something positive in disappointment.

I haven't posted anything of my own for a couple of weeks. I've been busy with major changes at work, and as I don't get out and about with my camera much (at all, really), I have to dig through my archives to find something that can be processed or re-processed. Soon I hope to be able to get out and capture a few new frames.

There is another version of this in my London Trips photo album. The original, taken through a dirty window on the catwalk between the towers of Tower Bridge, was a real disappointment when I saw it enlarged on my computer screen. Not one to be deterred by my mediocre photographic skills, I set about to rescue process it anyway. The only thing that had any visual impact was a series of severe adjustments that took a mid-day scene and transformed it into a night scene. Voila!

I decided to attack approach this photo again (for lack of anything better to do) and, while it looks quite similar to the previous version in its essential result, I ended up with this square crop and border that I kind of like.

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