Memories of China

An all-too-brief tour adventure.

A few days ago I posted a version of this photo, that when I saw it online, something just didn't seem right about it. After staring at it a bit I realized that I hadn't straightened it up. The pagoda was leaning just enough to be off-putting. So I deleted that post and now present a slightly altered version. Straight, at least, if not otherwise better!

I was inspired to dive into my #China catalogue from 2009 after seeing a post by +Hervé BRY featuring photos from two trips to China that he had taken.

I participated with a tour group sponsored by the Oakland (California) Chamber of Commerce that spent a week or so in China in April 2009. I came home calling it The Tourist Death March because of the daily pace we kept. Actually it wasn't as bad as that sounds, but I would have liked to spend more time at most of the places we visited. Next time, eh?

This is in the grounds of the #GiantGoosePagoda in #Xian , but it is not the Giant Goose Pagoda itself. I'm not sure if I can come up with a decent photo of the Giant Goose Pagoda. The time constraints of being part of a bus tour means that you have limited time to come up with interesting compositions, so you get what you get and work with it.

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