Finding Faces

A good excuse for not washing the car!

My parking garage space is in the direct path of some air conditioner condensation drainpipes, so during warm weather when entering or leaving, My car gets spattered by my neighbors' drizzle. The other day, as I was coming out of a building, I looked down to my where my car was parked and was amused at what I saw.

As we've discovered from Google Earth photos from space, photos of Mars from space, and many other examples, the human brain tries to make sense of the random patterns observed by our eyes. Often, someone will see a face in the landscape, or some object will suddenly appear to have facial characteristics. It's kind of interesting when it happens unexpectedly.

Here, then, are some "faces" found in the dirt on my unwashed car. There was a bit of help from #Lightroom5 and #PhotoshopCC to enhance what was already there. Straight photos don't always show what the brain interprets in moment of first sight.



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