Crazy Horse Memorial

A Long Time In The Making

It was 1949 when construction began on this memorial to the Native American hero, Chief Crazy Horse. The work is financed entirely by private funds. No government funds will be accepted.

The work so far was begun by the late sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski who was invited by Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear and other Native American Elders to carve the mountain into the memorial. Ziolkowski's family has carried on the work since his death.

It appears that our visit missed a dynamite blast by just three days. That would have been something to see.

*The Memorial is owned and operated by a non-profit foundation with the goal of not only completing the sculpting of the mountain, but the establishment of a Native American education complex and medical training center for Native Americans. More information is available here:

Our visit seems to have missed a dynamite blast by just three days.

This iPhone photo is an example of why you don't want to leave your main camera with its 36-200 zoom lens sitting on a chair in your living room when rushing out the door for a, possibly, once-in-a-lifetime visit to an historical area. Oh well. next time. Minimal processing done in #Lightroom5

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