The Beach at Pacifica

Oh! The negative ions!

On one of my brief visits to the beach and municipal pier at Pacifica, I captured this scene of clouds, a little low fog hanging around the shoreline and the sun peeking through to illuminate it all. I could wish that my visits would be more frequent and longer, but I don't know. Maybe if the atmosphere became mundane I would long for the miles and miles of brown fields in the Central Valley instead. (No. Not gonna happen.)

As with most photos lately, this was taken with my iPhone 6s, which has a worthy camera. When I gather the resources I may make the hundred-buck investment in a set of Olloclip lenses. I'm especially missing having telephoto capacity.

Processing was done entirely in #Lightroom without a b/w conversion, but with a duotone applied. The original showed almost no color anyway.

#SanFrancisco #Pacifica #Beach #Ocean