Lost in Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set

I'm in the credits.

No joke. A few years ago my boss, who is a BIG Lost in Space fan, decided to create a fan video of a Bill (Will Robinson) Mumy song, The Ballad of William Robinson, and I was recruited to do the editing. We captured footage from DVDs and VHS tapes and sort of told the story of the song in video clips. With Bill Mumy's permission, he uploaded it to YouTube.

A few months ago we were pleased to be asked if 20th Century Fox could include it in the upcoming 50th anniversary Blu-Ray box set. According to our "inside" source, Bill Mumy said that our little fan video was his favorite. Wow!

Our original video was not of sufficient quality, given our source materials, so they had one of their editors re-assemble our video frame for frame from HD sources in Blu-Ray quality! But we are still credited, along with the editor who re-mastered it in HD. Cool!

Now that the box set is officially out, we can talk about it openly. So, if you're getting the Lost in Space 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set, be sure to watch The Ballad of William Robinson on Season 1, Disc 4. You'll see my name in the credits.

You can also watch our original video on YouTube: https://goo.gl/5onkpL

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