Peace & Love

The John Lennon Wall, Prague

Beginning some time before the fall of communism in the Czech Republic young people would paint this wall with graffiti, and the government would paint over it. After all, you couldn't have your "communist" youth idolizing a western artist, now could you?

Nearly twenty years after the communists gave up control, the wall remained a tribute to John Lennon, and local youth as well as visitors from all over the world added their notes and artistic flourishes to the product.

Then, in 2014, some "artists" painted the wall white. They claimed, at least, that it was an artistic expression on their part. How silly. Didn't they know that you don't make art by destroying someone else's art? Some people think graffiti is vandalism, but these "artists" were the true vandals.

Almost immediately the graffiti began to reappear, and today the wall is once again covered with text and symbols in tribute to John Lennon. But for me, it's just not the same. Here, then, is what the wall looked like in February 2008.

Production was done in PhotoshopCC 2015 Photomerge with Topaz Detail and a couple of adjustment layers. The original panorama was way too big to upload, so this is reduced to 5000 px across, and jpeg quality of 25. It still looks pretty good, though, I think.

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