Collection: Trips to England

2004 – 2007

I first traveled to London for work in November of 2000. Just one week. But I fell in love with it. A few months later, in May 2001, I brought a nephew along on holiday as a combination birthday and high school graduation present. Then from 2004, the first year I had a digital camera, to 2007 I visited each year. I was visiting London on 7/7 2005 when four suicide bombers killed 52 innocent people.

If I could, I would visit London more than just annually. I have yet to see early autumn or deep winter, but I have to say that the first week of May has been my favorite time- just good enough weather, and before the summer tourist crush.

I hope you enjoy these photos. They aren't necessarily the absolute best, but they hold a ton of great memories for me.
Trips to England Collection

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