City Hall

Home of the Greater London Authority.

A day spent around Tower Bridge might- should- include adequate time to thoroughly explore the Tower of London, take a tour of Tower Bridge and its overhead catwalks, and the area just across the river where this interesting building stands. I haven't been to London since The Shard went up, but that's not far away, and would probably be seen in this shot if it were made today- this was April 2006.

The hardest part of editing this photo was getting the verticals right. The main object is no help in doing that! Nice thing was the weather, although a few more clouds would have been nice. This is about as straightforward a shot as you'll see from me. Beyond some straightening and standard #LightroomCC adjustments, there was little to do.

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Jubilee Bridge

May 2005

I have had several great trips to England with the bulk of time spent in and around London. There are common sights that everybody takes photos of, and I am certainly no exception.

This view is from just south of the London Eye. In a few minutes we would be walking across that bridge ourselves, on our way to Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square by way of the house where Benjamin Franklin stayed while he was in London.

I thought that this picture benefited greatly from a panoramic crop from the original framing. It just goes to show that sometimes a more-or-less "tourist snapshot" can benefit from a bit of creative editing.

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More Colorization

Not as good, though!

If you recall the Hedy Lamarr colorized photo that I posted a couple of months ago, most people seemed to think it was a pretty good job. This one, not so much- and that's my opinion as well.

Good colorization requires a decently high quality photo to start with, and this one was a bit troubled. First, it was too small, really, but I put my best effort into it. Second, the source was too contrasty and the shadows were quite noisy. It was hard to get the skin looking realistic, given those conditions.

Nevertheless, unless someone looks for the flaws, I think that, considering the source material, this turned out about as good as it could get.

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St. Pauls Cathedral, London

An oft-taken shot of an iconic location.

This is the one good frame I shot on Thursday, 6th of May, 2004. The week had begun badly, with my cheap little camera having been accidentally set in close-up mode and losing an entire day of photos. Then it happened again on Thursday.

There is a lot of work done to bring out a picture this good from the original capture. The camera (that I have complained bitterly about so often) did its best, but its best wasn't very good. Cheap is as cheap does. Anyway, the advances in #Photoshop and #Lightroom technology, as well as the building up of my bad photo rescue skills have enabled me to revisit some older shots and drag them into presentability.

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A Classic View

Can't hardly go wrong there.

There are many classic, one might even say, "cliched" views seen and photographed thousands, or even millions of times. The thing about it is, it's not my classic view until I press the shutter button.

This photo was taken in 2006. In the time since it was taken technology has made it possible to do things to recover an otherwise "bad" photo. I rather like the result that waited ten years to be revealed in this scene.

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View From A Castle

Take a deep breath.

This April 2006 photo was taken at Warwick Castle in England. Passing through an archway beneath the main walk up to the castle proper, a vista is presented looking out over the town and down upon the River Avon, the same as in Shakespeare fame.

There was a bit of cloning out of some railings and things in the foreground, and not until recently has the content aware technology been good enough to hide the removal of objects so nicely.

I keep thinking that I might like to go back some day specifically to re-shoot some of what were essentially snapshots while on a bus tour.

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