Old neon sign

In September 2014 I visited #LasVegas with some friends. We had a couple of nice dinners, saw a great show and visited the Neon Museum. I had been there before in daylight, but since that time they've got some of the old signs restored and lit up. A few of them are displayed in spots around town, but most of them are on the museum grounds.

This panorama was made from five handheld iPhone shots. There were colored lights going on and off during the time I was trying to get my shots, so it took a lot of work to even out the colors and lighting somewhat. There's a bunch of adjustment layers in #PhotoshopCC used to make what corrections were possible.

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Colorization Project Redux


I deleted the original post after deciding to do some cleanup of masks and adding a couple of adjustments. For one thing, the eyes were too bright and didn't have any natural color. Eye whites are not actually white, you know? And I fixed the eyelashes as well.

On Twitter I follow a couple of accounts that post old b/w photos, mainly of Hollywood stars of the past. This one didn't have any identification of who she was, but when I submitted it to Google's photo search, it correctly suggested that it was Hedy Lamarr.

I chose this photo to practice on because it was large enough that I could get some finicky details that would be harder just looking zoomed in on a small photo. I probably took way longer on it than more experienced people might take, but I'm satisfied with the result.

There are Selective Color adjustment layers for each element: skin, dress, eyes, lips & nails and hair. And one for the background. There was enough hair detail that the new Select and Mask feature in #PhotoshopCC came in very handy when selecting her hair. In addition, there is a Hue/Sat adjustment layer attached to each Selective Color layer because, in the end, it was just easier to tweak the hue and saturation levels that way once the base color was done as close as I could get it with Selective Color.

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A Little Beach Time

It was a little foggy.

Whenever I visit Pacifica, I usually take a few shots with the iPhone. This time I took three shots with the idea of making a panorama. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

This was merged and processed entirely in #LightroomCC using the built-in pphotomerge function. As part of that, I had it automatically warp the borders to fill in white/transparent spaces.

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From Mountain Top to Mountain Top

It's there. Really, it's there!

On a visit to San Bruno Mountain, I could see Mt. Diablo across #SanFranciscoBay and the East Bay Hills. I used to drive up Mt. Diablo- the North Peak, four-wheel drive only, on a fairly regular basis, but my then-employers sold the TV station that I was looking after. On a clear night sometimes I miss being able to go up there and see the vista that covers much of Northern California.

I see that the horizon line is a bit tilted, so I'll probably delete this post later and replace it with a straightened version, but I'm feeling lazy right now!

Edit: I looked at the picture again and decided that it was the slope of the ridge, and not really a tilted horizon, so this post stays.

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