Thinking Inside The Box

Just my luck.

I was just exploring the features of the Camera360 app on my iPhone and came across some effects that are . . . effective (!). The problem with interesting effects like this, that you didn't create for yourself, is that you can really only use them, er, uhm, effectively one time. After that it's just repetition, no? Nevertheless, I'll take this for my one-off use of a canned effect.

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High Tide at High Noon

. . . or thereabouts.

I often stop by the waterfront and pier in Pacifica on my way to San Bruno Mountain. It adds a little time to the overall trip, but it also adds a little enjoyment to the journey. On this occasion I happened to catch the ocean at or near high tide, causing waves to splash over the seawall onto the street.

I managed to catch a wave in mid spray as it swept over the boulders and over the railing, getting a little misted myself. All in all, it was a refreshing half hour or so spent watching waves and enjoying the sunny weather.

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A Canyon Drive

Del Puerto Canyon, to be exact!

I occasionally drive up and over Mount Hamilton from San Jose to Patterson- just to see the scenery. The highway, California Route 130, makes its way down into the San Antonio Valley, then turns east down through Del Puerto Canyon.

Every time I make the trip I am amazed at how near this mountainous terrain is to the San Francisco bay area. Our local weather prognosticators talk often about the "micro climates" of the bay area, but the truth behind the buzzwords is obscured until the sights are seen in person.

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Del Puerto Canyon

19 March 2016

A pleasant El Niño Day

Even if this winter was better than several previous ones, we are still in drought conditions in California. There are no guarantees that one half-decent season of life-giving rain and snow means that next year would be a return to normal. All guesses seem to be that drought and water conservation are the new normal in an environment that has nearly always had plenty of water to go around.

Every couple of years I take a drive one direction or the other up and over Mount Hamilton. If I go from the nearest side, I end up driving down into the San Antonio Valley, then down Del Puerto Canyon into the San Joaquin Valley. It's a several-hour drive, and the worst of it is that where the views are most beautiful and attractive, there is no place to pull over to take photos.

The original capture was on my iPhone 6S+, and processing was done on my LG Gpad 8.0 in #PhotoshopExpress

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