St. George's Chapel

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Who's buried there?

In April 2006 I visited Windsor Castle. In the lower ward sits . . . or rather, stands St. George's Chapel. The original chapel was constructed in 1348, and has been plundered, repaired, expanded and remodeled a number of times. In various corners throughout the building are buried several historical royal personages, most notably from the last century, King George VI, Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother.

This photo was taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 camera before I knew any better about RAW vs. JPEG photos. My budget minded decision was to take a 1 GB SD card and stick with JPEG. There is a bit of Topaz, some NIK HDR Efex Pro 2, and . . . some other stuff.

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Looking Sharp There!

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It's really big.

This is one of two flag poles at the entrance to the Prague Castle complex that includes working government buildings, St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle itself. A visit to the complex will take most of a day, but don't go on Sunday if you want to go inside the cathedral.

This was three hand held horizontal shots stitched using Photoshop CS6 "photomerge" then cropped to this aspect ratio.


May Day Observations

Not much protest in 2004.

Some years anarchists have hijacked the annual labor protests at Trafalgar Square, leading to ugly confrontations with police. In 2004 it was not such a disruptive event.

There were policemen and demonstrators present, but things were calm. Flags and banners were waved. Protesters shouted and chanted. Policemen leaned on a wall and watched.

Looking at this view it hardly seems like there was a May Day labor protest going on. (Around the corner there was more visible protesting, but nothing violent.)

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Accidental HDR

I call this an accidental HDR. I had three shots taken in the Battle Abbey ruins, Battle, UK. They were handheld, noisy and of wildly differing focal lengths. I've always been disappointed by the quality of the shots, but I had a moment of inspiration to try something.

I brought all three photos into Photoshop as layers, auto aligned, then auto blended. After flattening, I ran HDR toning for the basic look. The background layer was duplicated and given a 30 px blur and set to Hard Light blend mode.

The window opening was selected on the background and put on its own layer and set to Multiply. There was some purple aberration around the window, so a Hue/Sat layer was applied just to the window to desaturate the purple.Battle Abbey ruins, Battle, UK – May 2007. "Accidental" HDR from three shots handheld and of wildly different focal lengths.


Battle Abbey School

Battle, UK – May 2007.

The school, an independent private boarding school, occupies the former abbot's residence portion of Battle Abbey. It was one of the few parts of the abbey complex that was not devastated as a result of the abolition of monasteries under Henry VIII.


Somewhere In London

I think..

This is a favorite of mine from May 2007. It has been processed several different ways. Some of the renderings got a little (or a lot of) help from Photoshop plugins, some are more or less experimental, but stand on their own.

This one involved the creation of three "virtual exposures" from a single raw file that were taken into NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and processed in order to bring out sky and other details. It's been a long time, but I think there might have been some color lookup tables, or the colors might have been the result of Lightroom adjustments to the resulting TIFF file.

In any case, this is probably my favorite of all the different processes I tried. It's been posted before, but not in a form that is useful for my England collection.

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