The Capitol

Beneath the scaffolding.

During our Washington D.C. visit in October, we spent a couple of hours in the Newseum, a museum dedicated to the news media and their history. One of the nicest parts for me, though, was a trip outside a few floors up, where from the balcony you have some nice panoramic views of Washington.

The Capitol is being repaired and refurbished- and thus the scaffolding. The cast iron supports in the dome are being gone over "with a fine tooth comb" and repaired or replaced as needed. A hundred-fifty years, and there's a bit of rust and decay.

Production of this photo was done entirely in #LightroomCC and exported as JPEG for the web. Once again, though, it's sort of done in by the Panasonic FZ30 camera's small sensor, so noise cleanup does result in some loss of detail. I'm mostly satisfied, for what it is.

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George Washington Rode Here

His personal coach at Mount Vernon

One of our days during a week-long trip to Washington D.C. last October was spent primarily visiting Mount Vernon, George Washington's plantation home. It was a rainy day, but the place was nevertheless crawling with tourists. There really aren't that many decent photos to be taken with so many people in the way. Your best bet is to take pictures of members of your group in context and just buy a decent photo book at the visitor's center.

I did manage a couple of shots with the built-in flash while peering into the carriage house. This is kind of a panorama. Two photos stitched, but still cropped down to 16×9. Standing in the doorway, you're too close for a single shot, and stepping back gains you nothing. I took two hand-held shots that were merged in #Lightroom6 where I also added a couple of radial filters to even out the lighting from the flash. No third party filters were used.

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