Winged Victory Impression

I kinda like this plugin!

The original photo was taken with a 5MP camera with a plastic lens that wouldn't resolve more than about 2MP of picture. The results would always be marginal, often even in bright daylight where it did best.

On a whirlwind one-afternoon visit to Paris (Chunnel Train from London) in May of 2004, we got a tour of Le Louvre. It's way too short a visit to do more than scratch the surface of the enormous museum. Nevertheless I came away with two or three shots that I've processed over and over with each advance in post processing technology.

I'm playing around with the new #TopazImpression plugin from #TopazLabs , and while no plugin has the magic "un-suck" button I've always dreamed about, applied to the right picture Topaz Impression can assist in turning the ordinary into something that I'd gladly hang on my wall.

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