St. Vitus East End

-from a 2008 visit.

This is a panorama of the east end of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. It is made from 7 hand-held shots. I made a similar pano back in 2008, but the tools in Photoshop are much better now, so I took another run at it.

The original frames were each straightened in #Lightroom5 before being sent over to be merged in #PhotoshopCC . Next came #TopazDenoise3 followed by #TopazDetail5 . #SilverEfexPro2 was applied to convert to B/W.

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St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague

One of those "must visit" places!

In February 2008, I visited Prague for a couple of days after spending a week in Austria. I don't ski, but when offered a mostly free trip to the Alps in winter, one does not say, "Oh, no thanks," although the reason I was invited was because several people did say that! Anyway, Prague happened to be a two day extension on the trip for those who paid the penalty fee.

The first morning in Prague we were taken on a guided tour. It was icy cold, even if sunny. There really was still some frost in the shadowed areas once we got off the tour bus at the cathedral and castle area. One definitely wanted to say in the sun most of the time.

St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the major landmarks of Prague. It is a fairly enormous structure on a hill overlooking most of the Prague metro. One cannot overstate the impressive nature of the ornate details on the outside of the building, and once inside (which we had to wait for until day two because our first day was Sunday), the impression is stronger and deeper.

The photo was processed in #PhotoshopCC using #TopazDenoise3 , #TopazDetail5 and #TopazBW_Effects2 .

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The Bird Trainer

The captive learns comfort from its captor.

In the park-like grounds surrounding the Temple of Heaven in Beijing there are several areas where people gather socially. Among the things one might see would be various musicians playing, artists demonstrating their talents and organized exercise, something like line dancing.

There was a small crowd gathered around the man who was holding up a cage with a bird in it. I'm not sure exactly what was special about the bird, or the man, but the social dynamics were quite interesting to watch. I kind of assumed that the bird had been trained in some manner, perhaps to sing or to talk.

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