A Haiku In Celebration Of Door-Knockers In The Morning

Turning off water-
We have an emergency.
Wish I had showered.

At the moment I'm only slightly employed. Meaning that my day job evaporated a couple of weeks ago. No wake up time, no agenda, no . . . well, you get it. Not much going on. I was sitting around checking email, catching up on G+, sipping my lukewarm coffee . . . you know, a full morning. There was a knock at the door.

D'Oh! I hate it when people knock on my door! It's usually somebody at the wrong door anyway. So I tread to the door in my sweatpants, three layers of socks pulled over the cuffs, my old sweater, my unshaven face and hair that I hadn't looked at in the mirror all morning.

The maintenance guy says, "We have to turn off the water to the building for a couple of hours. There's an emergency situation." All the while he's got this What the bleep! look on his face. I said, "OK," nodded and closed the door.

I've reached that stage of life where standing up after sitting for a while often incites the need to pee. (People of a certain age and up will know what I mean!) So I naturally headed to the bathroom. Lights on. Glance in mirror. Heh.

No question about it. I definitely gotta be a little more pro-active in the morning!