Traditional Chinese Dance

Dance of the 20 foot sleeves!

That's what we called it, anyway. This is from a show that we saw in #Xian , #China , in April 2009 featuring traditional dance and acrobatics.

This was one of my more successful attempts at noise removal. The original raw file was pretty gritty. I think I used some Topaz filters on it, but it was long enough ago that I don't remember.

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Photos From Early 20th Century

Interesting what has changed . . . or not.

You may have seen these already, but I thought it would be fun to share the link anyway. This one jumped off of the +CBS News site, as I recognized the location immediately- the Summer Palace, Beijing. It's a fascinating discovery, and as a fan of antique photos, this is way up there since they have never been seen by the general public before.

Rare color photos of World War I Pictures – CBS News
View Rare color photos of World War I photos in CBS News’ Rare color photos of World War I photo gallery

A Long And Winding Wall

Built to keep out invaders, it has been invaded by tourists.

I've been digging in the archives again. This is one of those photos that was rather dark and grainy with a washed out grey sky. I've fiddled around with it several times over the four and a half years since it was taken, but could never come up with anything satisfying. I'm not sure I will ever be really satisfied until I go back and do a better job at the scene of the original crime.

Most of the work consists of Lightroom 5 adjustments, with some content aware cloning and healing in PS CC to clean up some telephone poles and other distractions. Dodging and burning was accomplished by painting black and white onto a 50% grey layer set to soft light blend mode. There was also a final levels adjustment layer to make the mid-tone contrast pop a bit. The sky was replaced with one from Suffolk, UK.

I think I'm done with this photo until I can go back to China and do it right!

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