Across The Valley From The Great Wall

I was told that it is a monastery.

Here is a shot that I've never posted on G+ before. It is one of many from my visit to The Great Wall that turned out something less than spectacular. I was shooting most of the day with my Panasonic FZ30 set at ISO 200, and forgetting that I had a polarizer on the lens. The zoom range on this camera is great, 36mm to 435mm equivalent, but the sensor is the same size as found in a lot of point and shoot cameras. I could have, if I'd been less scatterbrained, set the ISO to 80, and a smarter person would have realized that the diffused haze of this particular day made the polarizer pointless. So, grain and chroma noise. At least this camera captures raw files!

You process what you get, because that's all you've got. I've achieved a certain amount of skill at dragging something out of some pretty dumb mistakes. Some results are visually pleasing, if not top photographic quality. As with other mistakes in life, you learn to live with the consequences and move on.

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A Peaceful Spot For Contemplation

It's usually quiet near a tomb!

I've posted another rendering of this shot taken at the Ming Tombs before, but seeing how few and far between new photos are for me, I keep re-working the archives to see if I can bring something new out of them. Several plugins were used for this including Nik Color Efex Pro 4 and Topaz Detail 3 as well as some adjustment layers.

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