Collegiate Church of St. Mary

Viewed from atop the wall of Warwick Castle.

This day in April 2006 was interesting in that during our tour of Warwick, Stratford-on-Avon and Oxford we experienced everything from warm- almost summery- weather to snow. It was mostly sunny while we explored the castle and grounds, and there were some grand views with skies some photographers would sell their grandmothers for.

This photo was edited in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop with some Topaz Adjust 5 and a few adjustment layers. The original was a JPEG.

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Photoshop CC Before & After

I may yet save some "lost" photos.

This is Mr. Lee (or perhaps, Mr. Li), a retired international cricket wrangling champion. Here, he shows a group of onlookers his scrapbook of newspaper clippings and mementos. Later he regaled the group with some of his live crickets and grasshoppers. He is an enormously entertaining character.

The disappointment with the raw file I captured was that it was quite unsharp due to a bit of camera shake and probably, just missing the mark with lens focus. I produced versions of this photo several times, coming to some reasonably acceptable compromises, since the expression on Mr. Lee's face is simply too precious to disregard the photo altogether.

The first of these pictures is the unprocessed, unfocused original. Number two is after running it through the new Photoshop CC shake reduction filter on two layers- the first for overall sharpening and a copy of that one to add a little extra sharpness to the eyes. The layers were masked for the final sharpened result, then merged into a single layer. The resulting layer was then masked and the foreground and background were blurred with the lens blur filter in order to make Mr. Lee the most focused thing in the picture. Finally, two levels layers were used- one to adjust the overall scene, and a second one to darken the surroundings, again making Mr. Lee the feature of the scene.

If you look at them in order, you'll see the transformation from a disappointing unfocused shot into something that I think brings out the fun personality of Mr. Lee and eiliminates distractions both in front of and behind him.

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