Those rocks don't roll, they fly.

This is a trebuchet- not a catapult- used for slinging boulders at castle walls. This particular replica is located at Warwick Castle where its use is demonstrated several times a day during tourist season. That's the River Avon behind. (Yes, that River Avon.)

Topaz Clarity was the plugin of choice for this photo, and it managed to bring out details that a lot of other plugins could not- at least not as easily.

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Another Day, Another Castle Pic

Yet another view of Windsor Castle.

As I've been playing with the double- or triple-whammy of getting the free upgrade to the entire Nik suite and the Lightroom 5 beta, I've been able to work on some photos that have lain dormant for a few years. This one is a JPEG from 2006.

I did a little cloning out of heads in the lower left, and the sky . . . well, the sky was an English sky in a JPEG. What can I say? I did some dupicating, layer blending, cloning, etc. to get these mostly faux clouds derived from the real ones that were there.

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