The Golden Gate

Evening comes on slowly.

This is kind of experimental for me. I've been limited in my ability to get out and about with my camera for around three years. (That explains why most of my posts are from the archives.) But last week I had a pretty good day and felt confident that I could un-hook the leash from . . . home for a few hours, which allowed me to get all the way over to San Francisco.

I had an inkling of this particular view that I got from a newspaper blog that featured photos of snow in San Francisco in 1976. I remember that occasion well- snow down to sea level, a rare event around here! One of the photos was of a view similar to this, but perhaps with more of the Marin Headlands, and the caption said that it was taken near the Palace of The Legion of Honor. My vantage point was from just below the PLH on a path that winds through the Lincoln Park golf course.

My current prescription lenses are not exactly camera friendly, so of all the shots I took, a fair number of them were out of focus. I'll have to remember to take my 3X reading lenses with me next time. The other problem is that my camera (Panasonic FZ30) will only bracket JPEGs. And, by current technological standards, the sensor is quite noisy when the light is dimming. Nevertheless, I did capture a couple of 1 -1 +1 brackets.

After detail processing in Lightroom, the trio of shots was sent to HDR Pro in Photoshop. Once the HDR part was done, several adjustment layers aided in getting what is shown here, with the sky from original -1 frame masked in and set to around 50% opacity.

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Orford Castle

Kings and knights trod these passages!

Constructed between 1165 and 1173 by Henry II, this castle has performed its role of a defense against invasion even in the 20th century. During WW2 there was a big gun aimed out over the English Channel in case of Nazi assault by sea. Fortunately for us, it is available to spend a couple of hours touring and absorbing history.

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Orford Castle – April 2006

Viewed from the River Alde.

Transport to and from the Orford Ness radio transmitting station is by WW2 landing craft. This is the view that presents itself as you approach the town of Orford by water on the return trip.

The castle was built between 1165 and 1173 by Henry II in an effort to consolidate royal power in the Suffolk region. During WW2 a big gun was mounted on the roof of the castle to guard against invasion from the English Channel. Some of the hardware is still there.

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Signs Of The (Former) Times

Who knew such a landmark could also be such an "out of the way" place?

This is a show card from the 1920s on display in one of the catwalks between the towers of Tower Bridge. Amazon sells prints of this for £6.49 (about $10 USD), but I got mine for free by taking the Tower Bridge tour with my camera. After an initial presentation about the history and construction of the bridge, you are able to explore the elevated walkways between the towers from which you get an interesting view of London. It's not not quite equal to the London Eye, The Shard or the top of St. Paul's dome- but still an interesting view. (It's worth it to do at least once, and because I've been to London with three different people on their first trip, I've done it three times!)

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Day To Night Conversion

Finding something positive in disappointment.

I haven't posted anything of my own for a couple of weeks. I've been busy with major changes at work, and as I don't get out and about with my camera much (at all, really), I have to dig through my archives to find something that can be processed or re-processed. Soon I hope to be able to get out and capture a few new frames.

There is another version of this in my London Trips photo album. The original, taken through a dirty window on the catwalk between the towers of Tower Bridge, was a real disappointment when I saw it enlarged on my computer screen. Not one to be deterred by my mediocre photographic skills, I set about to rescue process it anyway. The only thing that had any visual impact was a series of severe adjustments that took a mid-day scene and transformed it into a night scene. Voila!

I decided to attack approach this photo again (for lack of anything better to do) and, while it looks quite similar to the previous version in its essential result, I ended up with this square crop and border that I kind of like.

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