NOT Out Of Africa

One place created from another.

When I visited Warwick Castle in April 2006, there was a tree that I shot . . . a large oak, I think, that stood more-or-less apart from everything else, surrounded by a field that looked to have been plowed some time in the past. The problem was, I did not capture in the camera what I saw, and no amount of fiddling around with that scene was going to bring out what I wanted.

In my experiments, however, at some point I had created a silhouette – probably with a threshold adjustment layer – and that set me to thinking about what could be done. Rather than trying to keep the whole vertical frame, I cropped the lower third away. The clouds were faint, but part of the original sky to which I added the sunset color overlay. This is the result.



A Winter Morning By The Vltava

If you ignore the modern cars, this could be Prague 100 years ago.

Here's another example of a poor quality photo that I made something nice out of– at least I like it! I cleaned up a lot of noise in Lightroom, then took it over to Photoshop CS6 where I applied a couple of adjustment layers and a Topaz Adjust grunge effect with some custom tweaks for this rendition.

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Lifting Our Hearts To The Heavens

At least that's what cathedral design is trying to teach us.

On a cold, clear morning in February 2008 our tour bus dropped us off near an entrance to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral complex. The cathedral was closed to tourists, it being Sunday– and it is a place of worship. We had to satisfy our immediate desires by viewing the magnificent edifice from the outside only. A return visit the next day was required to go within, as well as to tour the castle next door.

This is a two frame vertorama, an almost accidental one. I took a bunch of handheld frames with a panorama in mind, but there is not enough room on this side to accomplish the goal. But, as I was reviewing the Prague collection, I thought a certain pair might work out for something. After a couple of tries, I got this– certainly not perfect, but satisfying nevertheless.

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