A Haiku

Moon hangs there alone;
There are no stars visible.
This is urban sky.

This is the full moon of Saturday/Sunday September 29/30 2012. This is only the second time I've attempted a moon capture, the other being a not-very-good 'supermoon' shot a couple of months ago. This is for 'negative space,' which was last week's theme for +Project52-2012. The 'space' pun is accidental but amusing.

I have fallen quite behind on Project52, but I am determined to complete the collection. This will take care last week, but there are still several recent weeks to make up, as well as trying to keep up with current themes.

Our project curators are +Gretchen Chappelle +Shelly Gunderson +Gary Munroe +Greg Berdan +Sue Butler +LaDonna Pride and +Kate Church.
The project was originated by +Giuseppe Basile as +GPLUS::P52::2012


On A Clear Day You Can See The Future

It's a little hazy, but we may just get there.

One can look beyond the historical Xian city wall to recently erected high rise buildings that lie outside the old fortifications and symbolize modern Xian. It seems that invading armies might have been stopped by the brick and mortar fortress, but the invasion of progress has swallowed up what once was the entire life of Xian's residents.

#China #Xian #Travel


It's A Universal Experience

Everyone's in a hurry to go nowhere.

All large cities seem to have similar problems. The mobility of the population creates traffic jams, and the best one can do is to go with the flow. It's easier on the psyche if we just relax and observe rather than fuming and cursing the traffic. It won't get us there any faster. This is afternoon rush hour in Shanghai, China. Except for the text on signs, it could be just about anywhere.

#China #Shanghai #Travel


High Voltage!

"They're just some linemen for the city."

No cherry picker lift for these Shanghai utility workers. I wasn't sure if it was actually electrical wires, or if it might be telephone cables that they were working on, but their working conditions looked a bit precarious.

I grabbed this shot from a moving bus, so there was some motion blur as well as haze from the window. I applied some Topaz Simplify 4 custom settings to give it a semi-illustrative look.

#China #Shanghai #Travel #TopazSimplify