Everything Will Be All Right

Something's wrong here, and it bugs me!

+Project52-2012 – Week 18 – Symmetry. This is my front door- not exactly SOOC, you understand. I left some of the lousy paint job from a couple of years ago, but I took out some dents and secured my location identity by replacing my apartment number with a more warm and fuzzy "HOME," the placque for which was applied off center by the maintenance guys. D'Oh!

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In My Kitchen

It really works! Just like the infomercial says!

I bought the Nuwave Oven Mini – smaller than the one you see on TV all the time. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the full size one, and may yet indulge the temptation. It really does do what they claim, and I use it at least a couple times a week.

You'd think with all the other themes I've resorted to the kitchen to do, that this would have been easy. But noooo. My Nuwave Mini sits on top of my electric kitchen range. I haven't turned on a stovetop burner in a year or so, and although I keep things clean, the stovetop is pretty ugly, so I first did the capture at f11, 1.6 seconds using the range hood light for main lighting and a mini mag-lite to highlight the grill.

You don't see any stovetop, do you? So this is heavily Photoshopped – I masked the oven so I could make a background, drawing on some old +Scott Kelby techniques from memory, then I had to clean up some fingerprints and details, and do some color adjustments. Colors got kind of crazy, so there's a bunch of adjustment layers, some of them masked. The vignette is custom, to create the spotlight effect, which in hindsight would have been easier done differently. Next time. Right.



Consoled By Technology

Like a moth to the light.

Consoled . . . get it? Get it?? <sigh> (He's working at a CONSOLE!) But, honestly, I could get pretty comfy at that table.

OK, so this is L. A. T. E. Later than late, even. I was at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas all week. Yes, I took a camera. (Not a good one, unfortunately.) Yes, I had my laptop. (Works just fine, but I don't have PS CS5 nor any plugins.) However, I forgot to take the mini USB cable to transfer from camera to laptop. D'Oh!

But, since I'm now at home and I have access to PS CS6-Beta and my precious Topaz plugins, this is what I was able to drag out of my capture with my crummy camera.

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He Is Risen!

He is risen indeed!

One can only imagine the brightness accompanying the resurrection of the Only Begotten, the same light in which all who believe in him shall dwell, for he himself shall be their light. (See Revelation 21:23)
The original RAW file was somewhat underexposed, but it would have taken another five minutes to re-shoot it, and the neuropathy (numbness and tingling) in my hands has been pretty bad this weekend so I just didn't feel like doing it again. Instead, I processed the daylights into it and came out with this kind of high key look.

Project52 week 15: Easter

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A View From The Castle

Someone has looked out on this for nearly 900 years.

This is the River Avon viewed from Warwick Castle in April 2006.

The window was dirty and spotted with pigeon poop. My zoom was too wide, the horizon severely tilted. And this was before I knew any better and was shooting JPEG instead of RAW. What you see here is the upper left corner, about 1/5th of the original frame. You do the math. JPEG noise, dirty window, severe crop all equals high levels of color noise, artifacts and a lack of true detail. After processing, it takes on a bit of a painted look, and people have seemed to like it. I'll take that!

If I ever go back to Warwick Castle armed with experience and knowledge, I will frame this same view at full resolution. And maybe someone from Madame Tussaud's will clean the windows before then. Would be nice.

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Once Again . .

having to re-share because I forgot to add Public to the original post. D'Oh!

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A Haiku For The Night
People come and go;
We never see each other.
Neighbors are strangers.

"It was a dark and stormy night . . .
I rarely see the people coming and going from the building across the walk. The blinds in my kitchen window are usually closed, shielding me from them, and vice versa. I only occasionally spread the space between a couple of slats enough to look down at the pavement to see if it's raining. The forecast is for mostly dark overnight with increasing light into the morning hours.

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