Get Your Climb On!

Out of shape people should do some physical fitness preparation for a trip to China!

I didn't. I barely made it to the first level above where we started. People in their 70s and 80s were going all the way to the top. I wasn't fat, I wasn't unhealthy, I was just out of shape. D'Oh!

The original raw file was kind of dark and very grainy. In trying to reduce noise and induce some sharpening of details, the result was a bit of a painted look. I further cropped down from the original file to this view, which will probably only ever be seen on the Internet, as it likely wouldn't print well above a 5×7 or so. At least it looks good here, no?

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Playing With Light

It Was Very Hot Down In The Salt Cellar

So . . . This is what happens when your half-baked idea only partially works. The setup was thus: A mini flashlight standing on end, held in place inside a paper towel tube cut to length, and that inside an old prescription bottle just the right diameter. The sea salt cellar/grinder was placed atop that so the light could shine through the salt crystals. I never knew there were so many apparent impurities in those pretty, white salt crystals. Yum.

The light faded as it ascended through the crystals, leaving the top of the frame very noisy. Then, to get the macro shot, I had to move the setup far enough away from the lens to focus, which then meant that the final frame had to be pretty severely cropped. D'Oh!

Ending up with a noisy frame with dirty looking salt crystals, I set about trying a couple dozen operations before settling on Topaz Adjust 5, then some high pass layers and finally, a hue/sat adjustment layer to colorize everything to look like hot coals.

It wasn't what I wanted, but it's a photo . . . or started as one.

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The Train Is Coming

But not until 2014!

This is current construction status of the shuttle line from the Oakland Coliseum station of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) to the Oakland International Airport.

This photo was taken with my point-and-shoot camera, and the built-in sharpening is way overdone. Not only that, but I was working in PS CS4, since I did this at the office, and therefore had none of my beloved Topaz plugins to help me clean things up and stylize the scene. Oh! The disadvantages of JPEG!

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St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague

A cold, hazy winter morning.

We had been given a whirlwind tour of Prague on a tour bus. We arrived at the cathedral/castle complex and there was still frost in the shadows. Peeking over some buildings before us rose the back lit spires of St. Vitus Cathedral. All in all, it was a spectacular sight- one that I would love to have another shot at.

There is lots of Topaz Detail and Topaz Adjust 5 in this- not to mention some hard light blending and texturizing.

Pardon me if you've seen this. I accidentally made the original post limited when it was posted for #SacredSunday and #TextureBlendPhotography a couple of weeks ago. I updated the original post to include +PaintIt Saturday, but the post remained limited. D'Oh! In any case, this is a new post for Public Consumption.

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