Faded Romance

A 2012Project52 entry

The theme was "In The Workplace" which, when your workplace is mostly desks and papers, makes for a lot of less-than-interesting photos. I spotted this fading bouquet on our receptionist's desk, representative of St. Valentine's Day nearly two weeks prior. It all seems so romantic on The Day, but in a short time the effects diminish to little more than wilted blossoms and withered leaves. Many of our hopes, dreams and efforts seem to turn out that way. It's why we have to get up each morning with a fresh will to start over, to push ahead, to try again. Eventually the young lady will throw out the faded roses that once meant so much, but every day she can renew the love that they symbolized.


Late To The Party

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Others have been here before.

I had this kind of shot in mind just about all week, but things went all craaaaazzzzzyyyyyy at my work and I'm a couple of days late with this submission. Better late than never, I suppose.

The idea here is that Other Photographers (this week's theme) have taken just about every 'perfect' view of the common sights to the point that any photo I take is little more than a cliché, and a poor imitation at best. The need to look for the picture that hasn't been done to death is greater than ever. Having said that however, there are places that we go where we have to make the sight our own, no matter how many times others have done it. My moment is uniquely mine.

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I Live Here

A sign on my apartment building.

I managed to get out of the "studio" (kitchen) this week. Signs are everywhere, and some are interesting . . . or not. The interest here lies probably in the framing by shrubbery. There is some Topaz Adjust in this, then some levels adjustments. The adjusted layer was then duplicated and given a Gaussian blur of 30 pixels and set to overlay mode. A bit of cropping and some burning in of the text on white to minimize reflections and, "Voila!"

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