Unfortunately It Was Too Early For Lunch

(Reshare for #SignSunday curated by +Gene Bowker)

Our tour group passed through a mixed residential and business area of Prague where I spotted this sign. Most Americans don’t know that there is a different Budweiser brand in most of the Eurozone. The conglomerate that currently owns Anheuser-Busch is allowed to market its products as Bud, but not as Budweiser, which is trademarked by a Czech brewery. It’s an interesting David-and-Goliath style history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budweiser_Budvar_Brewery

Beijing Temple

A temple sits on a hill as you exit the Forbidden City on the opposite side from the Tien An Men Square entrance – Beijing – April 2009.

This is a vertorama made from two shots with about 75% overlap, so there was plenty of alignment material. I cloned out some power lines about 1/4 from the bottom. When we were there the skies in and around Beijing were solid grey and hazy, thus the sky presented is a replacement from half a world away near Ipswich, England.


Never mind the reflections. Just look at that . . . focus!

I spent nearly a whole day with my cheap little camera set to close up instead of infinity, the only focus adjustments available. The tiny LCD screen didn't give me a clue about the problem, so it wasn't until I saw the pictures on my laptop back at the hotel that I realized I had a couple dozen pictures that were absolutely useless. Until, that is, #UnsharpSaturday curated by +Nathan Beaulne came along.


The 17 Arches Bridge

It's almost unfair to be taken to two attractions in a single day that each probably deserves a whole day. It's just how the tourist death march works, I guess.

On this morning, before going to the Forbidden City in the afternoon, we were taken to the Imperial Summer Palace, a complex of buildings beside a man-made lake, and set on a large hill composed of the soil and rock that had been dug out to make the lake. A beautiful setting, and one that would be even more interesting with enough time to really explore the details.

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