We Went To Paris For Lunch

No, really! We took the Eurostar- the Chunnel Train.

Our day started about 5 a.m. The group we were booked with met at Waterloo Station at 6:00, and we rode in our first class car from there to Paris, arriving around 10:30 a.m.

After a whirlwind drive past a number of sites, we got a 20 minute break at the Eiffel Tower. Finally, about 11:30 we arrived at Le Louvre, but we hadn’t booked the first part of the museum tour. Free time!

While the rest of the group started their tour, we crossed the river and had lunch, then strolled by Notre Dame Cathedral and finally took a taxi back to the Louvre for our guided tour.

In the end, we boarded the bus again to return to the train station for our return to London. There we had a late dinner and then collapsed into our beds (I did, at least.). But I can say, “I’ve been to Paris,” even if it was just for one day.

A Canal Of ‘Little Venice,’ Prague

I saw a very similar shot from +Mike Wiacek (https://plus.google.com/photos/105551989431666449555/albums/5464720670026518753/5497147790246654770) and decided to revisit one of mine from 2008. I’ve always liked the shot in essence, but could never come up with a decent rendering. Mike’s HDR processing inspired me to see if I could come up with something like his, although I think we were shooting at opposite ends of the day.

The East End of St. Vitus Cathedral

The doors were not open to tourists because it was a Sunday morning. Nevertheless, the area was fairly teeming with people.

This is a single frame take zoomed out as wide as my lens would go (~36mm equivalent) and standing backed up against some other building.  In the album with the photo is a high resolution panorama made from a bunch of hand-held shots.

Hazy winter morning light over Prague – February 2008.

The original raw file was noisy and grainy. After applying HDR toning, I duplicated the background and applied a 40 pixel blur, and set it to Hard Light blend mode. I duplicated the background again and applied Soft Light blend. Finally, I ran the Golden Crop script to find what I felt was the most visually appealing aspect ratio.

Near Prague Castle

A cold, frosty morning in Prague, walking into the complex area of government buildings, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. Glancing to my right, there was this view through a gate.